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  1. I was reading where you say no trinity: was wondering about John 16:13, Eph. 4:30, Mark 3:29 and Math. 12:32, what is your take on these.


    1. I don’t understand the connection with the scriptures you have provided. I have never stated that there is no Holy Spirit but rather that the teaching of the trinity is false. The Holy Spirit is not the trinity or even part of a trinity. None of those scripture speak or teach about God existing as a trinity or His Spirit being a separate entity of Himself. God is “Spirit” and God is “Holy” so the Holy Spirit of God belongs to God. The Holy Spirit of God is the possession of Himself. When God pours out His spirit on humanity, He is giving us Himself and not someone else.


      1. These scriptures just seem to speak of the Holy Spirit as a separate person, just wanted to know what you thought. Thanks


      2. Gotcha… Well, God is “Spirit”! God is not a person so therefore His spirit is also not a person. God’s “spirit” belongs to Him just like your heart and capacity to love belongs to you. Your heart is not a separate entity of you, it is a part of you. When you give your heart to someone you love like your mother, father, siblings, wife, or children, you are giving them the invisible “possession” of you and not another person! They can experience your love with them. The Holy Spirit is the POSSESSION of God! When God gives us His spirit, God is giving us Himself and we can experience God with us!


  2. Good morning, I’ve been researching other beliefs outside the christianity writings and have found that human nature tends to “revise” what it feels isn’t to it’s liking. For instance movies like 3 billboards, the true story wasn’t “screen-worthy” so they revised the truth, the only thing that remained is that a family lost a daughter and put up 3 billboards to try to find the killer, the rest of the movie is fiction, Fargo, although they say it’s a true story it is 100% fiction. We do this with our own lives and the lives of those we love, maybe not in such a grand scale but we do. We will sometimes revise the actual events to make them more exciting or shine a better light on our own actions. This is what I believe has happened to God’s word. Man has revised His/Their thruth because man didn’t like the real story, thus creating contradictions in text and 3 different possible belief systems with “justification” where the belief isn’t supported. We as “christians” say God is a God of community, but He is a loner, however, more belief systems show that there is a “God” community and the word God is actually the family name Elohim which is the ruling family. Many religions have multiple gods with a family of Gods at the top. it was later that christianity desolved this to one. Other religions give both men & women (Gods) equal power, christianity gave the male of the species more power by declaring one God a male. I am not saying there isn’t truth in the christian writings but I am saying man has distorted God’s truth to his own liking because he didn’t like the story as it was. For instance, Sumarian belief is that there are 2 Male & Female and their offspring (gods) roamed the earth and cared for it, however, it became increasingly difficult and one was created as a sacrifice to create humans. The blood of the one created nations of humans….sound familiar, it is…bible teachings vary in translation but it is from the blood of one that all nations were created.The genisis story of creation has never quite set well with me because there are to many holes in it. I believe that the leaders/priests/kings of the time didn’t like the true story so they made up this narrative, that there is only one God and He created one man then thought the man needed companionship and created woman then walked in the “garden” with them until one day they disobeyed His comand and He found out, like He didn’t already know, like when He first created this in the story, man was supposed to be ok with just animal companions but after a time God saw that he was unhappy and created woman, also, the “sin” was not really their fault it was the “serpent” so even though we may “own” our behavior to a point, we can still blame someone else. Back to God walking in eden, in the new testiment the Messiah/Christus says no one has seen the Father, so who was walking in eden (which by the way means flat land or steppe, not garden or paradise). He also says if you have seen me you have seen the Father, giving rise to the false trinity doctrine, human fathers are seen in their sons, the nature of the father is in the son. that is what was supposed to be conveyed in my opinion. the “bible” states that “many will be deceived” what better way to do so, even the writings say this “satan” tempted the “messiah” in the desert using God’s word, so why not now, why not the most popular belief system on earth. When did we decide our version was the only “right” one. I know this will bring tons of disagreement, but this is what I am finding right now, “scripture” as it is now, isn’t completely true, once more, I believe there is truth in it, but man has distorted it and revised it to his own liking. Christianity says if you confess with your lips that “Jesus” is Lord and believe in your heart that he was raised from the dead you are saved, the “unclean spirits at the lake in the man did that, “Satan” did that and yet “christianity” says they don’t get saved so how do we know we are if that is how it work or doesn’t, they will validate by saying it’s a heart matter or “Satan” hates “God” but the qualification doesn’t say anything about how you feel about “God” only that you believe & confess. I do believe that Elohim family is greater than what any religion portrays and forgives ALL. I also, believe that some of the “human” stories in the bible are actually “god” stories not humans, but man adapted them because he didn’t like the truth. I’m still researching but this is where I’m at to date, thx for the forum.


  3. I’ve been following your web site recently, and cautiously, with interest.
    I came to faith 40 years ago which was life sinners prayer or pressure from evangelistic outreach..just a mind opening revelation of God and as He willed..very simple!

    Cutting the long story short…I’ve been questioning lately the historic development of the theology behind what I’ve come to subscribe to within traditional church after that conversion.
    This, after reading George Macdonald, Andrew Jukes and Hannah Whittall Smith who seem to subscribe in various shades to Universal Salvation.. and after reading them , I had a great hope and new perspective of the amazing good news of our faith, which I frankly could not see any ‘Good News’ before within the narrow confines of the privileged few/elect.

    Also I came to question God’s total sovereignity in accomplishing His absolute will for all and could not accept that it counts on my own works of belief..why should I be favoured above others through a random decision of will?

    Thankyou for the alternative view. I’m still trying to work through it and how I continue in loving my family in Christ in traditional church and teaching as my views change within the true gospel of Christ.
    My thanks for your labour

    In Him


  4. Do you believe that in the beginning Jesus Christ existed with his father as a physical person? I don’t and I believe that to be a begotten son of god you have to be begotten by God himself.


  5. I’ve asked questions and commented before, but maybe you can give me a little boost if you’re willing? I’ve always had a hard time understanding Matthew 24:20!!! And I can’t wait for you to come out with more of your truths…


    1. Hello Miranda it’s good to hear from you again! Remember when studying the scriptures that it is extremely important to understand the context of the passage. Jesus is speaking to all of Jerusalem and he is making a prophecy in regards to the future destruction of Jerusalem and it’s temple. It is recorded in history that Jerusalem was destroyed along with it’s temple in 70 AD. The Jews were strict adherents to Jewish law which included the Sabbath which required that you rest from all of your work. The Jews were told to flee to the mountains in verse 16 but many stayed. They chose to hold on to their physical works to the law and their physical temple which ultimately lead to them being slaughtered by the Romans. If this isn’t clear let me know and I’ll expand on it a little more for you. Take care…


      1. No I understand now,& it makes perfect sense to me now.So Thank you very very much once again…God Bless you Mr.Randolph!!


  6. What do you get out of John 5:42-43?? I’m curious on your thoughts.And is there anything particular you call the Messiah? Jesus, Yeshua, yehuah? This has been weighing on my mind because of Malachi 2:2…I always like the wisdom you share because a little bit of help(A boost) can make such a difference in my understanding of things when I go to study.Thank you in advance..


    1. Jesus was just rebuking the religious leaders of their hypocrisy in John 5:42-43. They claimed to be God’s people but rejected everything that Jesus spoke of not realizing that the words of Jesus came from God Himself.

      I don’t really get into the name thing when it comes to whether “Jesus” is the appropriate name or not. There are groups that feel like they are special because they think they call “Jesus” by his right name but “Jesus” is just the English transliteration of the Hebrew name “Yeshua” from the Greek name “Iēsous”. With that said, Malachi 2:2 was written specifically for the priests of Levi.

      Malachi 2:1 “And now, O priests, this commandment is for you.

      You need not worry about that and “Jesus” is certainly appropriate for the name simply means “God is Salvation”!

      As for holidays, I participate any many traditional American holidays but I don’t necessarily “celebrate” them. There are many mundane things that can consume our time in this life that I try not to get worked up about. My least favorite holiday is Christmas for it is nothing but an overindulgence in unnecessary spending. I like Thanksgiving because it is one of few holidays were I get to see members of my family that I don’t usually get to see that often. I had a guy come on here and he tried to rebuke me for celebrating holidays and I thought it was actually kind of comical that he took it that serious. There is just too much already that we have to worry about why waste time finding insignificant things to worry about? My advice would be that if celebrating holidays is a good thing for you and your family, continue to do it just be modest about it. Don’t overdue it because that is when it can be considered paganism. I participate in Easter but it is a total load of crap. I know this but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to take away happiness from my young daughter. She will learn that it is nonsense in her own timing. We all become accustomed to traditions. Placing our right hand over our hearts in allegiance to the country at the playing of America’s national anthem. Some will say that this is not of God and maybe it isn’t but it is what it is. I try not to stress the small stuff….

      Romans 14:5 One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind.


  7. And I have another question for you? Do you celebrate holidays? I’m not casting judgment because I have always celebrated holidays, but I’m really rethinking it.And how hard that will be when my children are use to having that all their lives.I guess there is alot of things I’m seeing and having a “Changing of heart” with..I’m also curious on your take when it comes to holidays and traditions of men?


  8. Greetings brother.
    You have answered my previous questions and pointed me in the right direction. I read your article on the heretical doctrine of the trinity. I repented for being an advocate of the trinity and even teaching it to others.
    My question deals with the Holy Spirit. Is the Spirit given to the chosen (elect) only OR to all who have been called by God? When I read Ephesians, Paul states in Ephesians 1:13-14 that the Ephesian saints were sealed with the Holy Spirit as an earnest deposit.
    As always,thanks in advance for your response.


    1. Believers have God’s “spirit” in earnest in this life. When we purchase a house we make a small “earnest” payment which is like $500.00 but the full price of the house may be $250,000.00. The earnest payment is a promise to the lender that you will make good on the financial transaction. God does the same with believers for He has made a promise to us that He will make good on His promise to bestow the believer with the full measure of His “spirit” in due time.

      However, God will eventually be “All in All”! 1 Corinthians 15:28


      1. I understand the analogy and the “All in All” in 1 Cor. 15:28. I thought the chosen were a subset of the called and that only the chosen receive the earnest deposit which will be fully manifest at our first fruits resurrection. Therefore, if I understand your answer, there is no difference between the called and the chosen when discussing the earnest deposit of the holy spirit. All believers or saints have the holy spirit, The full measure is according to God’s timetable.



    2. Well I’m very pleased you replied back.And yes, that’s why I was asking you about what you call him because I’ve been criticized more than once..Since I found your blog you have been an inspiration to me.Very knowledgeable & obviously full of wisdom.I’ve always celebrated holidays but was also told that if I’m going to be “A chosen” vessel than I need to stay away from Paganism.It’s just something that has been on the forefront of my mind.But I’ve never let a Christmas tree hold that much power over me, or any other traditions.I have always thought about it as “Fun times to get with family you don’t see too often”..I guess I’ve let people’s judgments on me get to me when I shouldn’t..And Thank you again for the feedback.


  9. You have to be patient with me for asking so many questions. I spent over 40 years in the institutional church earning seminary degrees and teaching Bible classes, which is absolutely worthless to me, When I left the church I ventured into the Hebrew Roots movement and then to the Messianic Jews. I went from the frying pan into the fire. I just exchanged one institution for another. I literally cried.

    I am trying to sort things out as best as possible. When I taught high school calculus, it came easy to me but I assumed that my students could “see” it too. Unfortunately, I left many in the dust. I apologized to them as I wrapped up my secular teaching career.

    Likewise with the profound truths of the Scriptures. I know you understand because you walked away from that heretical system. Perhaps I just got way too entrenched in those doctrines of demons and traditions of men.

    So I’m probably missing the obvious and not asking the right question. You say I am misinterpreting something. What is it? Peter says in Acts 5:32 that the Holy Spirit is given to those who obey God. No problem with interpretation here. If you obey God, He gives you the Holy Spirit. Got it. I always taught that the Holy Spirit is given to ALL believers as an earnest deposit. Whether they lived godly lives or not did not change that fact, at least in my carnal mind.

    I listened to Ray Smith teach on the parable of the sower and many things started to make sense. Many are called, but few are chosen. Are those called out ones, those who are dragged to the Son by the Father, all recipients of the Holy Spirit? Or are only those who bear fruit (the good soil) possessors of the Spirit? The first three “soils” did NOT produce fruit. Am I making sense? Am I asking the right question? .

    I beseech you (I always liked that word) to redirect my thinking. I have prayed. I have repented over so much. Now I cry out again. I have been deceived so long it’s hard to know the truth when I “see” it.

    I sense your frustration in your response to my last inquiry.

    I’m just getting old and tired.


    1. I’m not frustrated at all so my apologies if I came off the wrong way. I was just confused as to why you felt like I was saying that there is no difference between the called and the chosen. The fact that you are asking questions says a lot about your desire for understanding and I’m happy to have this platforms to share ideas with others. You haven’t crossed any boundaries my friend so no worries!


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