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  1. I was reading where you say no trinity: was wondering about John 16:13, Eph. 4:30, Mark 3:29 and Math. 12:32, what is your take on these.


    1. I don’t understand the connection with the scriptures you have provided. I have never stated that there is no Holy Spirit but rather that the teaching of the trinity is false. The Holy Spirit is not the trinity or even part of a trinity. None of those scripture speak or teach about God existing as a trinity or His Spirit being a separate entity of Himself. God is “Spirit” and God is “Holy” so the Holy Spirit of God belongs to God. The Holy Spirit of God is the possession of Himself. When God pours out His spirit on humanity, He is giving us Himself and not someone else.


      1. These scriptures just seem to speak of the Holy Spirit as a separate person, just wanted to know what you thought. Thanks


      2. Gotcha… Well, God is “Spirit”! God is not a person so therefore His spirit is also not a person. God’s “spirit” belongs to Him just like your heart and capacity to love belongs to you. Your heart is not a separate entity of you, it is a part of you. When you give your heart to someone you love like your mother, father, siblings, wife, or children, you are giving them the invisible “possession” of you and not another person! They can experience your love with them. The Holy Spirit is the POSSESSION of God! When God gives us His spirit, God is giving us Himself and we can experience God with us!


  2. Good morning, I’ve been researching other beliefs outside the christianity writings and have found that human nature tends to “revise” what it feels isn’t to it’s liking. For instance movies like 3 billboards, the true story wasn’t “screen-worthy” so they revised the truth, the only thing that remained is that a family lost a daughter and put up 3 billboards to try to find the killer, the rest of the movie is fiction, Fargo, although they say it’s a true story it is 100% fiction. We do this with our own lives and the lives of those we love, maybe not in such a grand scale but we do. We will sometimes revise the actual events to make them more exciting or shine a better light on our own actions. This is what I believe has happened to God’s word. Man has revised His/Their thruth because man didn’t like the real story, thus creating contradictions in text and 3 different possible belief systems with “justification” where the belief isn’t supported. We as “christians” say God is a God of community, but He is a loner, however, more belief systems show that there is a “God” community and the word God is actually the family name Elohim which is the ruling family. Many religions have multiple gods with a family of Gods at the top. it was later that christianity desolved this to one. Other religions give both men & women (Gods) equal power, christianity gave the male of the species more power by declaring one God a male. I am not saying there isn’t truth in the christian writings but I am saying man has distorted God’s truth to his own liking because he didn’t like the story as it was. For instance, Sumarian belief is that there are 2 Male & Female and their offspring (gods) roamed the earth and cared for it, however, it became increasingly difficult and one was created as a sacrifice to create humans. The blood of the one created nations of humans….sound familiar, it is…bible teachings vary in translation but it is from the blood of one that all nations were created.The genisis story of creation has never quite set well with me because there are to many holes in it. I believe that the leaders/priests/kings of the time didn’t like the true story so they made up this narrative, that there is only one God and He created one man then thought the man needed companionship and created woman then walked in the “garden” with them until one day they disobeyed His comand and He found out, like He didn’t already know, like when He first created this in the story, man was supposed to be ok with just animal companions but after a time God saw that he was unhappy and created woman, also, the “sin” was not really their fault it was the “serpent” so even though we may “own” our behavior to a point, we can still blame someone else. Back to God walking in eden, in the new testiment the Messiah/Christus says no one has seen the Father, so who was walking in eden (which by the way means flat land or steppe, not garden or paradise). He also says if you have seen me you have seen the Father, giving rise to the false trinity doctrine, human fathers are seen in their sons, the nature of the father is in the son. that is what was supposed to be conveyed in my opinion. the “bible” states that “many will be deceived” what better way to do so, even the writings say this “satan” tempted the “messiah” in the desert using God’s word, so why not now, why not the most popular belief system on earth. When did we decide our version was the only “right” one. I know this will bring tons of disagreement, but this is what I am finding right now, “scripture” as it is now, isn’t completely true, once more, I believe there is truth in it, but man has distorted it and revised it to his own liking. Christianity says if you confess with your lips that “Jesus” is Lord and believe in your heart that he was raised from the dead you are saved, the “unclean spirits at the lake in the man did that, “Satan” did that and yet “christianity” says they don’t get saved so how do we know we are if that is how it work or doesn’t, they will validate by saying it’s a heart matter or “Satan” hates “God” but the qualification doesn’t say anything about how you feel about “God” only that you believe & confess. I do believe that Elohim family is greater than what any religion portrays and forgives ALL. I also, believe that some of the “human” stories in the bible are actually “god” stories not humans, but man adapted them because he didn’t like the truth. I’m still researching but this is where I’m at to date, thx for the forum.


  3. I’ve been following your web site recently, and cautiously, with interest.
    I came to faith 40 years ago which was life sinners prayer or pressure from evangelistic outreach..just a mind opening revelation of God and as He willed..very simple!

    Cutting the long story short…I’ve been questioning lately the historic development of the theology behind what I’ve come to subscribe to within traditional church after that conversion.
    This, after reading George Macdonald, Andrew Jukes and Hannah Whittall Smith who seem to subscribe in various shades to Universal Salvation.. and after reading them , I had a great hope and new perspective of the amazing good news of our faith, which I frankly could not see any ‘Good News’ before within the narrow confines of the privileged few/elect.

    Also I came to question God’s total sovereignity in accomplishing His absolute will for all and could not accept that it counts on my own works of belief..why should I be favoured above others through a random decision of will?

    Thankyou for the alternative view. I’m still trying to work through it and how I continue in loving my family in Christ in traditional church and teaching as my views change within the true gospel of Christ.
    My thanks for your labour

    In Him


  4. Do you believe that in the beginning Jesus Christ existed with his father as a physical person? I don’t and I believe that to be a begotten son of god you have to be begotten by God himself.


  5. I’ve asked questions and commented before, but maybe you can give me a little boost if you’re willing? I’ve always had a hard time understanding Matthew 24:20!!! And I can’t wait for you to come out with more of your truths…


    1. Hello Miranda it’s good to hear from you again! Remember when studying the scriptures that it is extremely important to understand the context of the passage. Jesus is speaking to all of Jerusalem and he is making a prophecy in regards to the future destruction of Jerusalem and it’s temple. It is recorded in history that Jerusalem was destroyed along with it’s temple in 70 AD. The Jews were strict adherents to Jewish law which included the Sabbath which required that you rest from all of your work. The Jews were told to flee to the mountains in verse 16 but many stayed. They chose to hold on to their physical works to the law and their physical temple which ultimately lead to them being slaughtered by the Romans. If this isn’t clear let me know and I’ll expand on it a little more for you. Take care…


      1. No I understand now,& it makes perfect sense to me now.So Thank you very very much once again…God Bless you Mr.Randolph!!


  6. What do you get out of John 5:42-43?? I’m curious on your thoughts.And is there anything particular you call the Messiah? Jesus, Yeshua, yehuah? This has been weighing on my mind because of Malachi 2:2…I always like the wisdom you share because a little bit of help(A boost) can make such a difference in my understanding of things when I go to study.Thank you in advance..


    1. Jesus was just rebuking the religious leaders of their hypocrisy in John 5:42-43. They claimed to be God’s people but rejected everything that Jesus spoke of not realizing that the words of Jesus came from God Himself.

      I don’t really get into the name thing when it comes to whether “Jesus” is the appropriate name or not. There are groups that feel like they are special because they think they call “Jesus” by his right name but “Jesus” is just the English transliteration of the Hebrew name “Yeshua” from the Greek name “Iēsous”. With that said, Malachi 2:2 was written specifically for the priests of Levi.

      Malachi 2:1 “And now, O priests, this commandment is for you.

      You need not worry about that and “Jesus” is certainly appropriate for the name simply means “God is Salvation”!

      As for holidays, I participate any many traditional American holidays but I don’t necessarily “celebrate” them. There are many mundane things that can consume our time in this life that I try not to get worked up about. My least favorite holiday is Christmas for it is nothing but an overindulgence in unnecessary spending. I like Thanksgiving because it is one of few holidays were I get to see members of my family that I don’t usually get to see that often. I had a guy come on here and he tried to rebuke me for celebrating holidays and I thought it was actually kind of comical that he took it that serious. There is just too much already that we have to worry about why waste time finding insignificant things to worry about? My advice would be that if celebrating holidays is a good thing for you and your family, continue to do it just be modest about it. Don’t overdue it because that is when it can be considered paganism. I participate in Easter but it is a total load of crap. I know this but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to take away happiness from my young daughter. She will learn that it is nonsense in her own timing. We all become accustomed to traditions. Placing our right hand over our hearts in allegiance to the country at the playing of America’s national anthem. Some will say that this is not of God and maybe it isn’t but it is what it is. I try not to stress the small stuff….

      Romans 14:5 One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind.


  7. And I have another question for you? Do you celebrate holidays? I’m not casting judgment because I have always celebrated holidays, but I’m really rethinking it.And how hard that will be when my children are use to having that all their lives.I guess there is alot of things I’m seeing and having a “Changing of heart” with..I’m also curious on your take when it comes to holidays and traditions of men?


  8. Greetings brother.
    You have answered my previous questions and pointed me in the right direction. I read your article on the heretical doctrine of the trinity. I repented for being an advocate of the trinity and even teaching it to others.
    My question deals with the Holy Spirit. Is the Spirit given to the chosen (elect) only OR to all who have been called by God? When I read Ephesians, Paul states in Ephesians 1:13-14 that the Ephesian saints were sealed with the Holy Spirit as an earnest deposit.
    As always,thanks in advance for your response.


    1. Believers have God’s “spirit” in earnest in this life. When we purchase a house we make a small “earnest” payment which is like $500.00 but the full price of the house may be $250,000.00. The earnest payment is a promise to the lender that you will make good on the financial transaction. God does the same with believers for He has made a promise to us that He will make good on His promise to bestow the believer with the full measure of His “spirit” in due time.

      However, God will eventually be “All in All”! 1 Corinthians 15:28


      1. I understand the analogy and the “All in All” in 1 Cor. 15:28. I thought the chosen were a subset of the called and that only the chosen receive the earnest deposit which will be fully manifest at our first fruits resurrection. Therefore, if I understand your answer, there is no difference between the called and the chosen when discussing the earnest deposit of the holy spirit. All believers or saints have the holy spirit, The full measure is according to God’s timetable.



    2. Well I’m very pleased you replied back.And yes, that’s why I was asking you about what you call him because I’ve been criticized more than once..Since I found your blog you have been an inspiration to me.Very knowledgeable & obviously full of wisdom.I’ve always celebrated holidays but was also told that if I’m going to be “A chosen” vessel than I need to stay away from Paganism.It’s just something that has been on the forefront of my mind.But I’ve never let a Christmas tree hold that much power over me, or any other traditions.I have always thought about it as “Fun times to get with family you don’t see too often”..I guess I’ve let people’s judgments on me get to me when I shouldn’t..And Thank you again for the feedback.


  9. You have to be patient with me for asking so many questions. I spent over 40 years in the institutional church earning seminary degrees and teaching Bible classes, which is absolutely worthless to me, When I left the church I ventured into the Hebrew Roots movement and then to the Messianic Jews. I went from the frying pan into the fire. I just exchanged one institution for another. I literally cried.

    I am trying to sort things out as best as possible. When I taught high school calculus, it came easy to me but I assumed that my students could “see” it too. Unfortunately, I left many in the dust. I apologized to them as I wrapped up my secular teaching career.

    Likewise with the profound truths of the Scriptures. I know you understand because you walked away from that heretical system. Perhaps I just got way too entrenched in those doctrines of demons and traditions of men.

    So I’m probably missing the obvious and not asking the right question. You say I am misinterpreting something. What is it? Peter says in Acts 5:32 that the Holy Spirit is given to those who obey God. No problem with interpretation here. If you obey God, He gives you the Holy Spirit. Got it. I always taught that the Holy Spirit is given to ALL believers as an earnest deposit. Whether they lived godly lives or not did not change that fact, at least in my carnal mind.

    I listened to Ray Smith teach on the parable of the sower and many things started to make sense. Many are called, but few are chosen. Are those called out ones, those who are dragged to the Son by the Father, all recipients of the Holy Spirit? Or are only those who bear fruit (the good soil) possessors of the Spirit? The first three “soils” did NOT produce fruit. Am I making sense? Am I asking the right question? .

    I beseech you (I always liked that word) to redirect my thinking. I have prayed. I have repented over so much. Now I cry out again. I have been deceived so long it’s hard to know the truth when I “see” it.

    I sense your frustration in your response to my last inquiry.

    I’m just getting old and tired.


    1. I’m not frustrated at all so my apologies if I came off the wrong way. I was just confused as to why you felt like I was saying that there is no difference between the called and the chosen. The fact that you are asking questions says a lot about your desire for understanding and I’m happy to have this platforms to share ideas with others. You haven’t crossed any boundaries my friend so no worries!


  10. Hi Mr.Randolph I’m back once again with questions…
    When the “First” beast is spoken about, is it speaking about Rome?(Catholicism)? I know we all have the beast(Carnality) inside of us-But they were first.Christianity in a sense to me would be the second(Which is most of humanity) Because they are really no different than Rome without realizing it.And I’ve been thinking about something.The worshipping of the false Image? Christianity believe they’re worshipping Christ- but in reality is it Satan behind the image? This is a bit hard to explain without sounding ignorant.But they think they’re worshipping Christ- but in reality it’s Satan behind this image.Maybe you can help me on this.It’s something I’ve wanted to ask for a while, but I felt stupid in asking.Maybe you can help me in understanding better if you would take a notion to it when you get time? Thank you in advance.


    1. If you are referring to the beast of Revelation that rises from the sea then that beast is always the beast within that rises out of the sea carnal humanity. A lot of people believe that Catholicism is the first beast and that the Pope is the antichrist but I don’t buy any of that ideology. Christians certainly follow a false Christ but the false image is each individual believers belief that they are God. No question is a stupid question accept for the question you don’t ask… 😉


  11. Question: On your paper of the Plan of God Salvation for the whole World (sorry bad paraphrasing) I think there is one part that makes it difficult to grasp fully. This is not to condemn or judge what you’ve written. I’m seeking clarity for myself and others.

    You make the points, of which I agree, that it is God who hardens who he hardens. And also that as we are shown with Israel, in part, that God also blinds and deafens at His will for His purpose. That it is not up to man, none of it, by by election on God’s part so that it is shown to be His mercy and grace and not of the works of any man, lest they be able to boast. I get that.

    I also get the bit about not questioning God for His choices to harden or have mercy or honor or dishonor vessel make.

    Here’s where it gets murky in your writing of God’s Plan of Salvation of the World – of which I do agree, so “that” isn’t the issue:

    Considering all the other groundwork you laid down, we read this:


    “So again, in Matthew 25:46, Jesus is describing the two age-lasting (eonian) resurrection periods. So what exactly is eonian chastisement or repulsion? In the resurrection to judgment, God will chastise those who rejected the gospel of truth and those who succumbed to the power of the Satan during their life on earth. God doesn’t punish or chastise anyone in some evil pagan torture chamber. Remember that God judges to teach righteousness. Do you doubt this? Or would you prefer that God toss billions of men, women, grandparents, and children into the evil beloved hell of Christianity? Let me show you the end result of what happens during the resurrection to judgment;”

    Of all of that, the one statement in that statement confuses me:

    “God will chastise those who rejected the gospel of truth and those who succumbed to the power of the Satan during their life on earth.”

    It would appear that the only difference between the Christian doctrine and yours is what judgement means, and in regards to the finality of an eternal hell or separation from God.
    The reason I say that is because you both leave the “rejected the gospel of truth” in the hands of the human will.
    Yet everything you’ve written prior suggests that if a person rejects the gospel of truth it is because God has willed it for that person’s time.
    If that is all true, then it is difficult to imagine 1. Anyone “succumbing” to anything if it was put upon them by the will of God, and 2. Being chastised for something that you were created to be.

    There does seem to be a contradiction. Sorry for my struggle in this and being a burden. I appreciate your work and efforts. I’m just having a difficult time with that bit.

    Thank you,


    1. Eonian chastisement/repulsion is a future corrective period in which God will destroy the works of every man’s carnal self. There is a passage in 1 Corinthians 3 that talks about every man’s work being tried by the fire but this is a spiritual fire. God’s fire refines and purifies.

      While I do believe that God is ultimately responsible for all things, there is responsibility on the part of the believer to respond. There are many called by few chosen. Why? Because not everyone answers the call. There are some that are too engulfed in this worlds affairs to be a part of the chosen and there are some that are too swallowed up by their own lusts to be a part of the chosen. The parable of the sower in the field explains this very well. I believe that the work of God happens in a series of steps through a persons life. One doesn’t overcome the world simply by quoting a 10 second prayer but rather by overcoming a life of suffering. Going through and overcoming all kinds of trials and tribulations. The statement, “God will chastise those who rejected the gospel of truth and those who succumbed to the power of the Satan during their life on earth” was a statement to describe why a person would find themselves rising up in the resurrection to judgment. Believers go through judgment in this life in this present age while judgment for the rest of the world is preserved in the future. If God intended for MANY to find the way of the truth in this present age then He would have set the stage for MANY to find it. He has set the stage for only FEW to find it so it is extremely difficult to achieve. God is there along the way but the believer has to respond to move on to the next phase of being glorified. This is indeed some heavy stuff to consider so I hope that I’ve helped you understand my position a little better.

      God bless you my friend!


      1. Well, yes and no. I’ll have to meditate on it a bit more I guess. It seems that if it’s up to the person’s will and desire and effort to achieve it then it’s no longer grace but via works (to be among the few first fruits not part of the whole saved) and a man can boast to God about his will and desire and effort to find “that” narrow path to become one of the few. It seems self refuting, still, “to me”.
        Maybe it will take some clarity on Paul’s teaching about running the race by the rules to get the prize – or his final realization at the end of his physical life when he said he was torn between staying with them and leaving to be with the Lord…
        Either way. It’s either in God’s hands or not, I’d think?
        I mean, I don’t anyone to have to go through any more hardship than the amounts we’ve all endured and put upon one another here, and especially my immediate family, but really I don’t wish anymore on anyone. I don’t like this condition of our exercise in futility where we crush each other so. I just want to be home. I’ve wandered my whole life searching for it. Anyway… I hope in God’s mercy that whatever comes next in refinement that it’s so very fast that whoever has to go through it that it happens so fast, like ripping off a band aide, that they don’t notice it much if at all. I’m tired of brutality, of being brutal.
        I’m still having issues sorting out how, if all come from the same lump, that some can be offspring of Satan and others children of God.
        Guess that’s why His ways are so deep and mysterious that no one can know His mind in the absolute. Kind of like walking towards a source of light. In the beginning you can see distinctions, make out shapes, things seem clear, but the closer you get the light consumes you and all those separations vanish and you’re engulfed in this light that embraces you and you’re just present and know the light and the light knows you and there’s nothing else to know.
        I don’t know…
        Anyway, thanks for everything. Sorry I’m so slow and difficult.


      2. Faith without works is dead faith. What good is a person’s faith if the product their faith doesn’t bear fruit? Faith itself is a gift from God so for any man to boast about the work that God is doing in His chosen vessels life would seem pretty naive to me on the part of the individual. Spiritual growth is a process. One of the main spiritual fruits that a person acquires as they walk with God is humility. For whatever reason, God saw it fit to subject humanity to evil and futility. We can take solace in the fact that it is only temporary. There is much that can be perplexing and overwhelming indeed when it comes to God’s strange work.


  12. Mr.Randolph, sorry for always asking so many questions but what is your take on “Baptism”?? As far as Christianity stating you must be baptized with water in order to see the kingdom of God, which I feel is not accurate?


    1. Being baptized in water is just a religious ritual that means virtually NOTHING if one isn’t baptized in the Spirit. For one, the kingdom of God is spiritual and not visible with the physical human eye so anyone that thinks they can literally “see” the kingdom of God in the flesh is highly mistaken. We are no longer to participate in such religious rituals that signify things that must occur in the spirit. Take circumcision for an example… I realize now that it is a medical custom for baby boys to be circumcised but in the Jewish community, the cutting off of the foreskin on the penis was/is a religious symbol but when has the cutting off a little piece of skin made anyone live righteously? Spiritual circumcision involves the cutting off of the flesh from within a person’s heart. Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Being baptized in water is nothing more than getting wet. Spiritual baptism is being baptized into the death of Jesus Christ and rising to new life in the spirit.


      1. Thank you for answering my questions…I hope you will be writing more one day..You’ve helped me along (Glory goes to God) in seeing the truth.Christianity never ever preaches this stuff,& I grew up being ignorant.I have taken myself and my two girl’s out of the Christian church.I grew up believing in Hell, believing in all these fables,& two year’s ago my eyes were really opened…So Thank you.

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  13. What are your views on the Bible? How can we trust it and the stories if we know it has not been translated correctly? I know it is the inspired word of God, but what does that really mean?
    My husband recently fell away from the Christian faith a few years ago and I was so upset. Now I am starting to have my doubts as well. I have always been a Christian, but with my husband stepping away from the faith has really caused me to evaluate some of the Christian thinking. Is he really going to be condemned to hell? I appreciate any thoughts or feedback. Something that I can share with him about the Bible.


    1. The bible is a tool kind of like a hammer. A hammer can be used to build but it also can be used to destroy. In the same way, the bible can be used to build but in the wrong hands it can be a tool of destruction. When people say “the bible” they fail to consider that there are dozens of bible translations in existence and even with that, all bibles haven’t been translated the same way. In certain circumstances they don’t even agree and at the worst they contradict each other. Bibles are not the inspired word of God. That is a common thing that people believe but God spoke to holy men and the original writers of scripture wrote the words of God in Hebrew and in Greek. Over the ages, Latin and English became the more dominant languages so the Hebrew and Greek scriptures had to be translated into Latin and English for Latin and English readers to be able to hear the scriptures in the language they understood. The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) is a very POWERFUL institution and their agenda was to figure out a way to control the religious masses. During the time that the King James Version was being written, Christianity went through an enlightenment period were many began to study the scriptures and uncovering the lies and corruption of the RCC. This is what started what is known as the Reformation movement. Why did Christianity need to be “reformed”? Because it was clear to many religious leaders at the time that the RCC was corrupt and they were exploiting the ignorant laity. I will give a quick lesson on how bible translators played their little corrupt word games so as to change the word of God to support the agenda of the church. Let’s consider John 3:17 as it is translated in the King James Version;

      For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

      This is what John 3:17 looks like in the Greek Textus Receptus before it was translated into English;

      οὐ γὰρ ἀπέστειλεν ὁ θεὸς τὸν υἱὸν αὐτοῦ εἰς τὸν κόσμον ἵνα κρίνῃ τὸν κόσμον ἀλλ᾽ ἵνα σωθῇ ὁ κόσμος δι᾽ αὐτοῦ

      Now, neither one of us can read Greek so we have to depend on the translators to get it right but what if their motives were corrupt? Here is were things get interesting…

      In John 3:17, is there any word that sticks out to you? Maybe not but let me tell you that the word “might” as in “might be saved” is not in the Greet text. The Greek has other words that could be translated as the English word “might” but those Greek words are not found in the Greek texts of John 3:17. They added might because they didn’t want Christians to think that the Christ is going to save the world but rather only those who submit to the will of the church. God didn’t send Christ into the world to condemn the world, He sent Christ to save the world. If Christ saves the world, what does that say about Christianity’s hell? The church doesn’t want you to believe that God through Christ is going to save the whole world. They want you to be a loyal slave to their cult so that you can keep giving them your money. They don’t care about you! They just want your money. Christianity is a scam. It is all about money so they can build their large Babylonian temples of worship and buy expensive cars, mansions, and clothes which is the same thing that the world tells us to chase. We are admonished to study to show ourselves approved so even though some bibles may be corrupt, we still have to do our due diligence. Your husband may very well be condemned to hell by other Christians but he will not find such condemnation from me nor will he find any from our Savior! This is the beginning of God’s work in your husband’s spiritual life. We all are called first and we must go through Babylon before God will call us out but do you have eyes to see or ears to hear? Listen to what Jesus Christ says to His people…

      Revelation 18:4 I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues;

      Christ is commanding His people to come out of her but where is Christ’s people? IN THE CHURCH!


  14. aiōnios
    Pronunciation: ī-ō’-nē-os
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Root Word (Etymology): From αἰών (G165)
    TDNT Reference: 1:208,31
    Outline of Biblical Usage:
    without beginning and end, that which always has been and always will be

    without beginning

    without end, never to cease, everlasting

    If this word means from age to an age, why isn’t it included in the definitions using a concordances. It’s really messing with me because I don’t want to believe in eternal punishment, but how do you reconcile this definition? Is the strong concordance just a fabrication at this point lying about the real meaning of a word?


    1. Aionios doesn’t mean “age to age” it means age-lasting. Aionios is an adjective not a noun. Adjectives describe nouns. The noun in question here is “aion” and this word means an age or a period of time with a beginning and an end. So aionios can NEVER mean everlasting because an adjective can’t take on a different meaning from the noun it is derived from. Just as hourly pertains to hours and yearly pertains to years, aionios pertains to aions (age-lasting pertains to ages not eternities). Age to age is a phrase that speaks about a period of time that includes multiple ages in which God’s judgment will be in effect. It is also a phrase used to describe the reign of Christ although many bibles translate “αἰώνων καὶ αἰώνων” as for ever and ever. Christ doesn’t reign for ever and ever He reigns for ages of ages. Christ delivers the kingdom to God and He himself will be subject to the Father when God will be ALL in ALL (1 Corinthians 15:27-28). Dr. Strong’s definition of “aionios” is extremely bias. Let’s not forget that Dr. Strong was a man and everyone brings with them their own set of biases especially when it comes to religion. Dr. Strong had a Methodist background and then he went on to become a Methodist theologian. He was granted a Doctorate of Divinity from Wesleyan University in 1856 and then he later became a Professor of Exegetical Theology from Drew Theological Seminary 1868. We have to understand that Dr. Strong had a belief system taught to him by his parents and then from theological institutions. Do not get me wrong though, Dr. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is a MASTERPIECE! His work was certainly not in vain. It is extremely useful and helpful, we just need to be cautious in assuming that people in positions of power or influence can’t be wrong or misinformed. I wouldn’t go so far to suggest that he was lying I just think that his biblical bias prevailed in this case. A careful study of the word “aionios” will clearly show that it never means everlasting and I will prove it. Let’s take a look at the following scriptures;
      Romans 16:25-26 Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery kept secret since the world began but now made manifest, and by the prophetic Scriptures made known to all nations, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, for obedience to the faith.
      Notice in verse 26, God is termed as the “everlasting God” while that could certainly be true and is, it is scripturally incoherent. I will explain later but I just want you to see that “aionios” is translated as everlasting in verse 26. Let’s look at the concordance just to be sure…
      Click on the link here:
      You can clearly see that the English word everlasting is cross referenced with G166 which is Dr. Strong’s numerical code for the Greek word “aionios”. Now reread verse 25 and then we’ll look at the concordance for that verse.
      Click on the link below here:
      Did you notice it? Did you see that Strong’s G166 is left untranslated with the English word everlasting? Remember that in the very next verse they translated “aionios” as everlasting in reference to God. Well, why did they leave it untranslated? Because they knew that the revelation of the mystery of the preaching of Jesus Christ couldn’t have been an everlasting secret because it clearly says, “but now made manifest” and New Testament letters testify to the preaching of Jesus Christ. Now understand that Dr. Strong isn’t guilty of this hoax all he did was link English words to Hebrew and Greek words using his numbering system. However, he had to have discovered this lie that had been inserted into bibles by Christian bible translators but he was probably powerless to do anything about it during his time. The word “everlasting” is kind of a misnomer because existence has to do with time. Nothing is “everlasting” in this system, this world. God can certainly be considered “everlasting” but why? Is it because He has eternal life? No, God is “everlasting” because God cannot die. God is the very essence of life and His existence has nothing to do with time. In terms of man’s experience with God, the bible always speaks in terms of ages and generations. God is preeminent in all ages so God is the aionios God or the God of the ages. I hope this helps!


      1. Oh I see what your saying. Sorry the link kept opening to my app instead of the website, so it wasn’t showing aionios being untranslated in regards to since the world began. But I saw it once I copied the link myself


  15. I think I understand. I did a lmore in depth study of the word and I can certainly see how it cannot mean eternal or without end. But what verse are you talking about in 16:25. Do you mean since the world began as the greek word chronos?


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