Fr. Mike Schmitz – Hell Is for Real

In the video posted by the YouTube channel, “Ascension Presents”, Fr. Mike addresses the subject of hell as the title of the video is “Hell is for Real” and below is a summary of the video;

It’s a question that arises whenever someone challenges the beliefs of Christianity: If God is all-loving, why does he send people to hell? Some Christians choose to believe that hell doesn’t exist, or if it does, then only those guilty of the most heinous sins go there. Fr. Mike’s response in this video makes much more sense, and he offers an explanation of hell you can take to your grave.

Christianity has become a religion of fallacy for there is essentially NOTHING stated in this video that is scriptural, logical, or true. Fr. Mike begins his justification for Christianity’s pagan hell by quoting a story for which he begins his bad premise. The idea that God appears to anyone at the moment of death is unscriptural for a person can spend hundreds of years in the grave before being called up in the resurrection. At the end of our lives, WE ARE DEAD! Death is not another word for life and to be matter of fact, it is the antonym for the word life. The bible is clear as it is stated in Ecclesiastes 9:2 that the same things happens to the righteous and the wicked and that common destiny is that we all die and go to the grave. People do not die and end up in some place called heaven or hell as life after death only occurs again in the RESURRECTION of the dead and after the resurrection comes the judgment. There are so many things wrong with Fr. Mike’s proposition for he makes statements that are grossly founded in religious dogma.

Fr. Mike claims that hell has to exist for God to be good as if that makes any kind of sense but then he goes on to create his own definitions of heaven and hell. He defines “heaven” as God himself and “hell” as the absence of God but he provided no information as to where he came to such conclusions. If at the core, “hell” really means the absence of God, then by Fr. Mike’s logic, God is good based on His ability to be absent. Now, Fr. Mike begins this video with a statement claiming that God is a dad but when has it ever been considered a good thing for fathers to be absent from their children’s lives? When have children ever been presented with the proposition of choosing their parents? For all of my parents out there imagine your child not choosing you and the automatic consequence to that is they get not you? That doesn’t even make sense yet this what we are supposed to be able to take to our graves… Even unruly children are forced to submit to their parents will even if it takes court intervention. To further contradict Fr. Mike’s definition of hell, King David wrote in Psalm 139:8 that if he made his bed in hell, God would be there… so much for “hell” meaning the absence of God.

Fr. Mike along with the majority of Christians believe that they must CHOOSE God in order to experience God. He says, “If I don’t want God, I get not God” but that is a very interesting statement because Fr. Mike completely ignores the fact that man in his purely carnal state will NEVER want God. Romans 8:7 tells us that the carnal mind is hostile towards God for it is not subject to the law of God nor can it be. Romans 3:11 tells us that no one is seeking out God. If humans are incapable of wanting or seeking out God, how does a person come to do the will of God? Good question! Philippians 2:13 for it is God who works in you both to WILL and to do for His good pleasure. Human beings are VESSELS! Clay doesn’t choose the Potter the Potter chooses the clay and forms it according to His liking.

Christianity has embraced one of the BIGGEST lies that exists in the world and that lie is that we possess what is commonly referred to as “free will”. Most people don’t even know what “free will” means or what it even implies but the truth is that humans have a will but it is not free. If a choice is “free” to be made, then there cannot be any costs or consequences associated with the choice but all choices have consequences. We are expected to learn and execute good judgment when making choices. It is highly irresponsible for Fr. Mike to suggest that God has to “make” you choose Him as if that is the only way God could cause His creation to fall in love with Him. Parents make their children do tons of things they don’t won’t to do but since when does parental authority negate the importance of children making decisions? Why do children choose their parents? Because their parents chose them first. Why are children expected to love their parents? Because their parents loved them first. Does Fr. Mike believe that there are other ways to be motivated to make a choice besides being forced? What motivated him to become a Catholic priest? Did someone make him choose that path? Did he choose to become a Catholic priest simply because he exercised his free will? No, something inspired him to choose that path but does the inspiration negate the worth of the choice? To be inspired is a good thing regardless of how ignorant Fr. Mike is on this subject. Humans have impulses, desires, fantasies, dreams, thoughts, wishes, aspirations, etc. and they all come from places of influence. Tom Cruise doesn’t make people watch his movies, Lebron James doesn’t make fans watch his basketball games, and Beyonce doesn’t make people attend her performances. So how do they get people to choose them? They get people to choose them because they are AWESOME at what they do. Tom Cruise is an awesome actor so people VOLUNTEER to watch his movies… Lebron James is an awesome basketball player so people VOLUNTEER to watch his basketball games… and Beyonce is an awesome singer so people VOLUNTEER to attend her performances! If they are so awesome at what they do and are capable of inspiring millions of people to choose them, how much more awesome and capable is the Creator of Tom Cruise, Lebron James, and Beyonce? Is the Creator of the Universe awesome and capable enough to cause the whole world to voluntarily choose Him? This idea that God has to “make” a person (vessel) choose him is ridiculous…

Fallacy #5: Sinfulness and suffering is a product of free will… God created humanity FLESH and with the flesh comes all of the lusts thereof. Romans 8:20 tells us that the creature (humanity) was made subject to vanity (worthlessness). God created us to fail so that he could build us up. In order of have knowledge of good and evil, you have to EXPERIENCE good and evil for how can you fully know or understand good without any knowledge or understanding of evil? God has a purpose in subjecting humanity to evil, suffering, and death.

Fallacy #6: If we don’t have free choices then we are just robots and there is no meaning to life… There is actually an argument that could be made that humans are God’s robots but to compare humans to robots is again quite irresponsible… Robots are not born, robots are not raised by robot parents, robots do not have robot siblings, robots do not go to school to learn how to be better and smarter robots, robots do not have emotions or sensory feelings, robots cannot have relationships or develop attachments, robots do not get married, robots do not have children, robots cannot exhibit individual and creative expression, and lastly robots do not die. There is a ton of meaning to life and it is certainly not determined by this imaginary god-like ability called free will.

Fallacy #7: Why is God making us wait? Well, Fr. Mike, I’m sorry to inform you of this but God works His will according to His timing not yours. Again, to have knowledge of evil you have to EXPERIENCE evil. Virtually all virtues exist as a result of overcoming some form of evil. What is honesty without dishonesty? How can you truly understand or appreciate love if you’ve never experienced hate? God is not taking away anyone’s freedom because you never had it to begin with as we are all slaves to sin and subject to the law of it. God makes vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor in this life of learning and experiencing good and evil. We know what evil is because we see it, live it, and experience everyday. You cannot have knowledge of evil is evil doesn’t exist.

Fallacy #8: Hell is the only thing that keeps God from being a monster… WOW! Fr. Mike believes that we have to be free to choose God or not choose God when we are clearly told in John 6:44 that NO MAN can come to Christ unless he is drawn by the Father. In addition to that, God gives the believer the faith to believe and then He pours out His spirit onto the believer so that He can work in the life of the believer. I’m sorry Fr. Mike but the “god” Christianity portrays to the world is an absolute tyrant and Fr. Mike is quite deceived to suggest that God is not a tyrant by ensuring that people will go to a place or eternal torture and separation from God.

In conclusion, hell does NOT exist and God is a good dad because He takes care of His children in spite of their shortcomings… A good dad doesn’t abandon his children and he surely doesn’t torture them. Hell exists only in the twisted minds of Christianity’s deceived clergy and they delude their congregants with their evil message of spiritual terrorism.