Discussion – Facebook (5/16/18)

People indoctrinated into so much of Christianity’s traditions ask questions based on so many falsehoods that it is almost impossible to help them understand so many plainly obvious truths. Jeff Gurnett offers a question as a fact when it is actually no fact at all. Jesus, Paul, and John NEVER taught about an eternal hell. Jesus taught about “aiōnios kolasis” and anyone that is willing to do any honest biblical study would conclude that this is properly rendered as “age-abiding correction” as it is translated in Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible translation.

Matthew 25:46 And, these, shall go away, into, AGE-ABIDING, CORRECTION, but, the righteous, into, age-abiding, life.

The matter here is not just an issue of bad translation or misinterpretation but rather evil and purposeful deceit. They (bible translators) changed Jesus’ age-abiding correction to their everlasting punishment. They changed Paul’s age-abiding destruction to their everlasting destruction. They also added hell to the bible… the doctrine of eternal punishment in fire has always been a completely fictional and heathen concept. Christianity just borrowed it when they saw how effective it was in controlling people. It is much more effective to control people by means of fear i.e. threatening people with eternal torture in fire as opposed to preaching about God’s love and His plan to redeem the whole world. So again, this is not just some bad translation mistake or some poorly misinterpreted scripture that’s lasted for hundreds of years. This is the product of intentional and calculated fraud all at the hands of the men who claimed to be servants of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Then what about heaven argument? This one is much more difficult for people because so many people are caught up with these carnal ideas of what “heaven” is… Heaven is most certainly nothing like what people think it is… Heaven is not a physical place, it is spiritual realm. God is “Spirit” and “Spirit” is invisible… There are no literal mansions in heaven, streets of gold, or pearly gates. This is all symbolism… God is not sitting on a literal throne in some geographic location in outer space for Christ plainly tells us in Luke 17:21 that the kingdom of God is “within you”! Virtually all professing Christians believe that when they die, their body only dies but their “soul” ascends up to heaven. There are many scriptures used to support this idea but scripture must agree not contradict and every scripture used to justify going to a literal heaven at death contradicts everything about death logically and scripturally. Christ tells us in John 3:13 that “no man” has ascended up to heaven except for himself so how is it that hundreds of thousands of Christians supposedly ascend to heaven in spite of what Christ proclaims? Before Mr. Gurnett’s question can be answered sufficiently, we must first reconcile the truth to the definition of a soul, the state of the dead, and the purpose of the resurrection. If there is a literal heaven to be gained at death, then the resurrection of the dead is meaningless even though Paul claimed it to be our only hope. Paul knew of NO literal “heaven” and it drives me crazy when people quote 2 Corinthians 12:2-4 as proof of a literal heaven. How ironic how 2 Corinthians 12 verse ONE is completely looked over…

It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to VISIONS and REVELATIONS of the Lord.

Visions and revelations? How mature do we need to be to understand that visions and revelations take place in people’s own mind? I know these are some hard ideas to grasp so I will get into all of those topics at a later time.

The answer to the question is simple… Believers are NOT promised eternal life in heaven, they are promised age-lasting life in the kingdom of God. The life of the believer doesn’t end after the age because they are given immortality in the resurrection.

So let’s say that a believer dies today… RIP 5/16/2018

Jesus Christ returns on 5/16/3018

The believer that died on 5/16/2018 was dead and they stayed dead the entire 1,000 year period. They didn’t go to hell, heaven, paradise, or any other place other than the grave – the place of nonexistence which is the same place they were before they were born.

Jesus Christ resurrects the dead believers including the one that died on 5/16/2018 and they are vivified or made alive in such a way that death has no more power. They are made immortal…

All of the believers reign with Christ living out God’s kingdom (heaven) on earth for the 1,000 year millennial period. This is the reward for believers and this is what God promises.

After the 1,000 year age comes to an end, God will resurrect the wicked unbelieving populations of the world to be judged to commence a new age but what happens to believers in the new age? They stay alive why? Because their IMMORTAL… they can’t die anymore. They go on to the judge the world and we already know what happens when God’s “judgments” are in the earth. (Isaiah 26:9)

The heaven vs hell ideology has NO logical or scriptural basis. It is nothing more than religious fantasy created by men to swell people’s minds. Comparing “eternal life” to “eternal punishment” is nonsensical. A person must be alive to be punished so if the person is punished for all eternity then they too must have eternal life but the consequence for sin is death not life of any kind. The logical argument would be to compare “eternal life” to “eternal death” and there are some sects within Christianity that actually believes in that theory but it too falls short of God’s will for all men to be saved. Once we realize that “bible corruption” is a real thing and that the words eternal, everlasting, and forever and ever have NO place in the word of God, we will find ourselves much closer to understanding the truth.