David Platt – Universalism, Rob Bell, Love Wins, Heaven and Hell

This video is a short commentary from pastor David Platt in response to Rob Bell’s book titled, “Love Wins” in which he believes that all will ultimately be reconciled to God. David Platt serves as pastor at McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C. and he is also the founder and president of Radical.

According to their website, this is the purpose of Radical;

The end goal of God is His glory known and enjoyed among all the nations. Therefore, the end goal of every Christian and every local church is the spread of God’s glory among all the nations. The plan Jesus has given for accomplishing this goal is the Great Commission: making disciples and multiplying churches among all the nations. And the nations are filled with urgent spiritual and physical needs. Billions of people in thousands of people groups are unreached by the gospel, and many of them are suffering in unimaginable ways.

Therefore, Radical seeks to help train and equip Christians and churches to spread gospel hope on the front lines of urgent need among the nations.

Christianity has longed believed that the “Great Commission” is a commandment for believers to make disciples and to multiply churches among all nations and while Jesus did give that instruction, this is not the so called “Great Commission”. So what is the “Great Commission”?  Can you think of any greater commission than making disciples and multiplying churches? Let’s let the scriptures speak for us;

1 John 4:14 And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.

This is the “Great Commission”! God the Father sent the Son “to be” the Savior of the world. I put quotes around “to be” because “to be” is not in the original Greek. Those words were added to make the passage read better but it takes a little away from the true meaning. Jesus is the Christ, the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world. He is already the Savior. Saving is what He does. The Father didn’t send the Son “to be” the Savior the Father sent the Son because He is the Savior. If you’ve watched the video, Mr. Platt is going to try to convince you that Jesus Christ will fail the Father in saving the world. Mr. Platt is in Northern India where there is an estimated 600 million people. He states that about .05 percent of that population are evangelical Christians thus leading him to conclude that the 597 million people who aren’t evangelical Christians are doomed to an eternal hell.

Mr. Platt speaks for a little over 4 minutes with a smug arrogance as he walks around seemingly feeling special for having escaped God’s wrath while having no quarrels with believing in a god that could cosign sinners to such an abominable fate. Jesus Christ DIED for the sins of the world. He paid the price for sin. If a person rejects Christ then by sheer contrast, they would only have to spend 3 nights in the grave. That’s right… Jesus wasn’t sentenced to eternal punishment. Jesus bore the sins of all humanity and He died because death is the penalty for sin not eternal life in hell.