Comment to gooner Andre

My belief in God is not determined by what the devil wants or threats of an eternal hell. I believe in God because God has given me the faith to believe which is actually a gift from God although you think your faith comes from your stupid free will (Ephesians 2:8). I think you need to be a bit more careful about assuming that you know what the devil wants. The devil wants people to be deceived and Revelation 12:9 says he deceives the whole world. There is NO greater perversion than the belief in literal unending torture with real fire. Who could worship a god that would send mothers and grandmothers to such a place? You say that you believe that Christ came into the world to save sinners but you neglect to mention that you also believe that Christ will fail at saving most sinners.
You claim that YOU chose Christ but it isn’t possible for men to CHOOSE Christ. You do err not knowing the scriptures…
John 15:16 You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you…
Regardless of what you say, Christians do in fact think they can CHOOSE Christ and this is done only to avoid hell which is also coupled with the fantasy of receiving eternal life in some magical heaven. They are both lies… If people are really alive in a heaven or a hell after death, what is the purpose of a resurrection from the dead? You believe too many man-made doctrines based on Christian fantasy. For your information, I haven’t made up my own gospel so you can keep your stupid assumptions to yourself. God has a gospel and men have created their own gospel which is really not a gospel at all because Christianity is BAD NEWS…
You do not believe in the scriptures, you believe in the evil ideas of men. You believe in doctrines that are blatant contradictions of scripture. I believe in the word of God but I have also done enough due diligence to know that there are many Christian doctrines that are just flat out lies. I don’t just choose parts of scripture to believe. I know that heaven and hell are both lies because the bible speaks clearly about what happens at death.
I didn’t say that you said Jews believe that Jesus is the Messiah. My point was explaining to you that the Jew are guilty of not believing in Jesus as the Messiah. It is Christianity 101 to believe that Jesus is the Messiah so if a person rejects that Jesus is the Messiah; doesn’t that make them an unbeliever? Doesn’t Christianity teach that unbelievers will be roasted in hell for all eternity? It is obvious that the teachings of Christianity are contradictory but you are too blind and deceived to see it. Ecclesiastes 9:2 says that there is ONE event to the righteous and to the wicked. What is this ONE event? This ONE event is going to the grave at death and the place of the dead is described as a place where there is NO work, NO device, NO knowledge, and NO wisdom (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Ecclesiastes 9:5 says that the dead know NOTHING but according to you and the heretical doctrines of your religion, the dead DO know something because the wicked dead are really alive experiencing conscious torture in your evil pagan hell. So here is the answer to your question about Hitler…
Adolf Hitler and everyone else that has died are in the GRAVE where they are awaiting one of two resurrections spoken of by Jesus Christ in John 5:28-29. Adolf Hitler will hear the voice of the Lord and come forth from the GRAVE (place of the dead where the dead know nothing) in the resurrection to judgment seeing that Adolf Hitler has done a considerable amount of evil in his life.
How can you say that according to my beliefs, it doesn’t matter how a person acts in this life? That is complete foolishness and you certainly do not understand anything about what I believe. There are plenty of earthly consequences and punishments in place to influence any rational person to avoid doing bad things. I do not need to fear an eternal hell after death to motivate me to avoid doing evil things. Even the thought of such a thing is foolishness. God has dedicated an entire AGE to judge evil people in the resurrection to judgment but that isn’t good enough for you is it? You want God to torture the wicked in a body that cannot die not for a billion years or even a quadrillion millennia but for all eternity… You think the whole purpose of Jesus coming into the world was to ensure that billions of men, women, grandparents, and children go to a hell to be tortured for all eternity? You are depraved and deceived at a level I can’t even explain yet you call my beliefs strange, unbelievable… (Isaiah 28:21 says that God’s work is strange so go figure…)
None of my beliefs contradict scripture. My beliefs are contrary to the doctrines and traditions of your religion. I’m sorry but your man-made doctrines and traditions are not scripture. I personally do not care if you believe what I believe but I can say that it will be a sad day for you in the resurrection. I do not believe in annihilationism even though that doctrine is a lot more humane than the teachings you believe. God has given me the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18-19). You claim that you’ll just stick with the gospel but you don’t even believe the gospel. The Jesus Christ you believe in is an absolute failure according to Christianity but the scriptures proclaim that God sent Christ to be the Savior of the world… (1 John 4:14). Will Christ save the whole world? No, not according to you and your counterfeit religion. The god and jesus christ of Christianity are both failures.
What scripture says that we as human beings are eternal beings with an eternal soul? 1 Timothy 6:16 says that only God has immortality and Adam was made a LIVING soul and not an immortal soul and the soul that sins shall DIE (Ezekiel 18:4). You believe so many Christian lies that it is no wonder that you are so deceived. Being made in God’s image has to do with having the knowledge of good and evil and not being made eternal. Instead of actually studying the scriptures, you just parrot all of the doctrines that are stored in your Christian echo chamber. There is NO such thing as eternal punishment in God’s word. The proper translation of “aionious kolasis” is age-lasting correction. The purpose of God’s judgment is to correct and to teach righteousness and not to torture people. Again, you criticize my beliefs assuming that I have no scriptural evidence but everything I believe is backed by scripture. Your beliefs are littered with lies and contradictions of man-made doctrines and carnal minded scriptural interpretation. Only a delusional psychopath would think that eternal torture is “good news” to the world.
I do not care what definition you provide, free will is a lie and a completely made up idea. There is NO evidence that you or I have this free will. Someone came up with the idea many years ago like Aristotle and every else after him just believed it because people like thinking that they are their own god and in control of their own life. I realize that I am in a minority when it comes to not believing in free will but seems like I remember Christ talking about only a FEW going the narrow way and not the majority. How can a person make a choice if there is NO data to consider whether one choice is more desirable or preferable than the other? Humans make choices all day everyday but there is NO choice that can be made that is free from some form of determining and inspiring influence. Why would a person say yes or no to a friend offering them drugs? Free will is an absolute impossibility. Our lives are completely governed by laws, rules, and structure. God has laws, this planet has laws, human governments have laws, parents have laws, bosses have laws, etc. When laws are broken, there are CONSEQUENCES and typically those consequences influence us not to break laws anymore. Consequences are designed to teach and/or correct undesired behavior. Torture is not a consequence for anything, it is just evil. To inflict pain on a person for no redeeming purpose is of the highest evil but to torture someone for ETERNITY is beyond insanity into a realm of evil that could only be described as the depths of Satan. Christianity is the depths of Satan as this religion endorses, embraces, cosigns, preaches, teaches, glorifies, and defends this most damnable heresy.
Is it a 100% fact that you believe in God? Is there any difference from stating that you have 100% FAITH in God? Is that a contradiction? What is the point of believing anything if it isn’t backed with undeniable and unshakable faith? Hell is a damnable lie and it is a FACT that I have 100% FAITH that it is false. I cannot believe that you consider the eternal torture of billions of living conscious human beings to be JUSTICE. You have no problem believing that Hitler is being tortured in hell but you do have a problem believing that the 6 million Jesus denying Jews he slaughtered are also there with him. Contrary to your heretical beliefs, hell is empty and nobody is there because it is myth.
The Real Gospel of Christ is in not my gospel because there is only one gospel. The gospel of Christianity is a counterfeit gospel and those who believe that gospel are accursed. Where do you get your “bad news” from? Oh yea, I already know… you get your “bad news” counterfeit gospel from the book of heretics – the doctrines and traditions of Christendom.
God certainly gave humans the ability to choose but our choices are not free to operate outside of the preordained counsel of God’s will (Ephesians 1:11). Mankind did not just choose to rebel against God and disobey. Romans 8:20 says that the creature (humans) was made subject to vanity (devoid of truth and unfit for a particular purpose) by GOD… Because of this subjection to vanity and Satan’s deceptive influence, man sinned but this is not without a purpose which is a purpose you certainly are ignorant of. Do you think humans can you use their supposed free will to choose not to be subject to this vanity by God? How is it that NO human in the history of humanity has ever chosen to not sin with their free will. You believe too much Christian unscriptural nonsense for any of what I’m saying to make sense to you. Here is a perfect example of how Christianity changes the word of God to suit their stupid heretical nonsense;
John 6:44 Any man can come to me as long as he exercises his “free will” to choose me regardless of whether the Father draw him or not and I won’t need to raise him up at the last day because he will already be alive in heaven when he dies. (Christian Heretics Translation)
REALITY CHECK, that is NOT what the word of God says and contrary to your silly belief in free will, this is what God says;
John 6:44 NO MAN CAN COME TO ME, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. (So can people come to Christ by choosing with their mythical free will or does God the Father have to draw them? You just read the scripture but this is what you call “craziness”?)
John 3:13 And NO MAN HAS ASCENDED UP TO HEAVEN, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. (And no, I don’t just believe in one of them places because the other place is too uncomfortable and disturbing to me. I reject both the teachings of a literal heaven or hell after death because they are both Christian fantasies. I believe what Christ says in John 5:28-29.)
Since you’ve asked for my research, I will gladly provide it and you will be surprised to see that my ideas are NOT preconceived with no scriptural basis or evidence.